close up of male athlete holding his knee in pain

Sports Injuries

Running/Gait Assessment
Prescription/Custom Orthotics/Insoles IF needed.
Ligament sprains/tears (e.g. ACL, lateral ankle ligaments)
Muscle strains – e.g. Hamstrings, groin, quad, calf
Groin pain
Runner’s knee
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles/Patellar tendonitis/tendonosis
Childhood Knee/Heel Pain and other growth related conditions
Tennis Elbow/Golfer's elbow

physio performing exercises on the back of a female patient

Spinal Conditions - acute or chronic /persistent

Neck and arm pain
Lower back pain
Sciatica/pins and needles
Pain in the Upper back/ribcage
Pelvic, Pubic or Sacro-iliac joint pain (eg. during pregnancy)
Rehabilitation pre and post spinal surgery

woman rubbing wrist in pain

Peripheral Conditions

Rehabilitation pre and post shoulder surgery
Shoulder pain eg. rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, rehab post shoulder joint dislocation/AC joint injury/fractures
Wrist and hand pain – rehab post fracture/dislocation, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon pain/injury, nerve injury, arthritic pain
Hip pain/injury – glut tendon pain/bursitis (lateral hip pain), Arthritis including pre/post surgery.
Knee pain – patellar pain, tendon pain/Injury, arthritis
Ankle and foot pain – tendonosis

illustration of brain neurons in shades of pink, red and purple

Other Conditions

Rehab post Covid/Long Covid
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ankylosing spondylitis
Functional Neurological Disorder
Growth Related Pain/Injury
C.R.P.S. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Wholistic Acupuncture assessment looking at the whole body health and wellness and working to create better balance in the body and mind.
For pain, sleep difficulties, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, low mood, chronic tiredness, headaches, etc.

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Whole Body Health

Referral to counselling/psychological services where needed
Coming soon 'Health Coach' Nutritional advice
Personal Exercise Programmes
Usually needed to rehab from any injury or faulty movement/running pattern
Wholistic Programmes to treat Persistent Pain Conditions
Post-Partum exercise programmes
Suitable programmes for any condition/age group

Cindy Lund psychotherapist

Holistic Psychotherapy and Natural Medicine - Cindy Lund

Cindy works in an integrative way to help people to understand their struggles and change any unhelpful patterns which may have developed in order to cope with life’s challenges. She also helps clients to identify and develop their inner resources, encouraging self-compassion and resilience. She works in a creative, intuitive and holistic way, tailoring therapy to each individual’s needs.
Cindy Lund B.des, Lic.ISH, ISHom, BA (Hons), MIACP.
Please ring 0830924192 or email to book.

yoga therapist niamh jones

Reformer Pilates, Yoga Therapy and Energy Healing - Niamh Jones

Niamh has over 20 years of experience in the field of teaching Yoga Therapy, Mat Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Meditation and Energy Work. The Pilates Reformer is an excellent machine for core strengthening, total body toning, flexibility, posture , injury recovery/prevention, postnatal recovery and much more. It is fast, effective and efficient. Contact Niamh on 087 9031784 or

physio working with patient

"I have been attending the clinic intermittently when needed over a number of years. I think it is a brilliant service. I know I am lucky to have it in my area. It is so important to stay flexible and fit at my age and Linda helps me to do that. I have found the combination of Acupuncture and Physiotherapy very beneficial."

Nora Shaughnessy

"I found the experience of attending Headford Physiotherapy Clinic fantastic and stress-free. The staff were all very nice and friendly and made me feel relaxed and at ease. They were very honest about what treatment I would need and how many visits I would need to correct the issues I was having with back pain which had become intolerable. My recovery was relatively quick. I found the treatment plan and advice I received has worked and I have a much better quality of life after a lot of suffering and pain daily before I attended."

Paul O'Connor

"I arrived home from Canada for a holiday and injured my neck and shoulder. I went to Headford Physio and was treated by Linda. I found the care to be excellent. Linda really knew her stuff and explained the neck injury and the treatment to me in a way that was easy to understand. I felt the benefits of the treatment immediately. Overall my treatment at Headford Physio was first class."

Gerry Mc Loughlin

"I would like to highly recommend Headford Physiotherapy Clinic where professional staff put you at ease informing you about your injury and then putting a plan in place for your recovery. The programme is printed off and also emailed to you so you can download onto a free App so you can personally rate your journey to recovery. I have been a returning client for various injuries over the past few years. All fully recovered now thanks to Linda and her team. I would also just like to mention that the space where the clinic is held has a wonderful karma, which goes hand in hand with the empathy patience and warm nature of staff there. "

Christine Taylor

''I’ve recently completed a course of physio sessions with Mark and have to say that Mark was fantastic at getting to the cause of my problems, explaining it to me and explaining how the treatments and exercises were going to address it. His professionalism and knowledge shone through. Kudos to Mark!"